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Jewelry Care

Besides the delightful design, we also put emphasis on the quality of our raw materials by adhering to the international standards of the Jewelry industry.

All items are nickel free and hypoallergenic and created from environmental friendly raw materials.

Please treat these semi-precious stones and natural material with love and care, especially for the handicraft collections, which are handmade using semi-precious stones and valuable metals by professional craftsman.

Jewelry pieces are delicate and need proper care and storage – they are not suitable to be worn 24/7. Here are a few tips for you to keep your jewelry looking good:

★ Avoid contact with hairspray, lotions and perfume!
★ Keep jewelry away from water. Don't wear it when swimming or bathing.
★ Please don't wear your jewelry while sleeping, doing house work, to the gym or when you perspire.
★ Keep jewelry away from strong light and heat.
★ Please be gentle – always handle your jewelry with special care.



To avoid scratches and other damage, it is necessary to store your jewelry properly, either in a jewelry box or a pouch. Your jewelry should NEVER be tossed into a messy drawer or hung on the top of your dresser! If you are a travelholic, pack your jewelry in a padded box or case before packing them in your luggage.