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aw·ful·ly  /ôf(ə)lē/  adverb 

★  VERY. (used especially in spoken English)


hot /hät/  adjective

★  Currently popular, fashionable, or in demand. 

We have had boutiques in Hong Kong since 2012, and have never done marketing. Even our Facebook page has not been updated for three years, and there is not even one business card in the store. #ReallyAwful

But by relying on our outstanding products lines, we have sold more than 60,000 different styles of limited edition products each year. The only thing we do every day is to get to know your needs and focus on providing the most fashionable, best quality jewelry and accessories at fantastic prices.

In the past six years, our team has flown enough miles to circle the world 18 times. We have traveled to cities such as Paris, London, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali, Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo, Seoul, and others to source the finest jewelry. All these cities have the footprints of our hard work (and holidays lol). From our own house brand, we are now working together with more than 60 studios and designers from around the world.

Our non-marketing style has had some unexpected repercussions. Our Awfully Hot designer jewelry outlet (previously called Caty Style) has become a great hit, and has been mentioned by bloggers worldwide, visited by Asian stars, and recommended by the famous Peninsula Hotel.

In 2018, after requests by many people, our website has finally arrived.

★ Because I am awfully don't know how to edit this page with pictures, More about us and our shop amazing pictures please check : AH Gallery  

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